English Version Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Stratos Pace 2 Smart Watch with GPS PPG Heart Rate Monitor Firstbeat VO2max 5ATM Waterproof


AMAZFIT  Stratos smart sports watch 2

50 meters waterproof ,Triathion,VO2 max,5 days life,Bluetooth music player

Side of the sport,while business

Nes design,modeling tough,simple atmosphere,the essence of movement and business style compatible.

Whether in the stadium,or in the conference room,wearing a wrist with.

Fusion of a variety of materials Process:2.5D arc glass mirror;painted with a fine 60 minutes;reflective color display even in the sun can be clearly displayed;hand polished polished ceramic bezel reflects the charming

luster,hardness Excellent ceramic can also withstand the daily scraping,timeless.Three 316L stainless steel physical buttons plus touch screen,control more convenient;the case of the whole body using 3D laser carbon fiber texture,making the watch texture better.

50 meters waterproof,support for swimming

Water-resistant to 5ATM (equivalent to water pressure of 50 meters underwater),not only to wear swimming,you can also record the data when swimming,and support open water and swimming pool two modes.

11 kinds of sports patterns

There are 11 kinds of sports patterns,in addition to the daily life of the common sports,there are cross-country run,triathlon these challenging projects.

11 kinds of sports modes are: running,walking,outdoor riding,swimming pool,open water swimming,indoor running,indoor riding,elliptical machines,mountaineering,cross country running,Triathlon.

Professional sports physiology index data evaluation

Provide a wealth of professional sports performance data,the score can be assessed for your campaign to provide the appropriate reference.

Real-time display of core data during exercise,and promptly remind;after exercise,according to your exercise,combined with Fristbeat motion algorithm,gives a wealth of physical exercise indicators:the maximum oxygen uptake

(VO2 max),Exercise load(TD) and recovery time required.

Sustainable use for 5days


In daily use,the sustainable use of 5 days,save the trouble of frequent charging.Full open GPS sports mode,continuous use can reach 35 hours, enough to complete a 100 km cross- country race.

Bluetooth music player


In addition to professional sports functions,but also has a wealth of intelligent features.After binding MIJia APP,you can

control the meters on the smart home smart home devices

(currently only supports Android version and some MI products); wear Bluetooth headset,you can run while listening.

Your favorite song;information push,call reminder, slient alarm clock,etc.are very convenient.



With the new AMAFIT Watch app 2.0,you can bind watches,sync date,view daily activity data and motion history,set up

various widget sequences,import running track map data,and more in APP.

In addition to synchronizing the exercise data to the xiaomi exercise,it now supports third-party apps such as Yue Run.


Main Features

5ATM Water Resistant

50 meters water resistant ,equivalent to water pressure of 50 meters underwater,not only to wear swimming,

you can also record the data when swimming,and support open water and swimming pool two modes.


2.5D capacitive touch screen

With HD resolution 320 x 300 pixel, Corning Gorilla glass material.


Reflective display technology

The dial is always bright without black screen. Uses reflective display technology, the dial brightness will

auto adjust according to the environment, gives you better and more clear eye experience.


Ceramic bezel

Hand polished polished ceramic bezel reflects the charming luster, the excellent hardness of the ceramic can also protect it from scratching.


316L stainless steel physical buttons 

With the stainless steel buttons make you more convenient to control,the case used 3D laser carbon fiber texture, make the feeling of watch

texture better.


11 kinds of sports patterns

Running, walking, outdoor riding, swimming pool, swimming, open water swimming, indoor running, indoor riding, elliptical machines, mountaineering, cross country running, Triathlon. In addition to the daily life of the common sports, there are many challenging project such as cross country run, triathlon and so on.


GPS + Glonass

Can precisely record your daily movement, mileage, altitude, stride frequency, pace and other professional sports data, help you analyze and improve your sports level.


Firstbeat Health Data Tracker

Show the core data and promptly remind when you are exercise, after completing the sports of exercise, it will use the firstbeat exercise algorithm to give you a physical exercise datas accroding to your amount of exercise: Maximum oxygen uptake(VO2max), Exercise load(TD), Exercise effect(TE) and Recovery Time.


Long time standby for 5 days

Ultra-long standby time up to 5 days in the ordinary situation, save the frequent charging trouble. if use the full GPS movement mode, the continuous use of time can reach 35 hours,it totally can complete a hundred kilometers cross-country race.


Online pay

Support online pay and music,open your QR code and scanned rapidly,make your life more convenient.


Phone-Free Music

Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth earbuds and enjoy music and media with the internal storage for unencumbered phone-free running.


AMAZFIT smartwatch APP2.0

With the new Amazfit V2.0 or Mi Fit, you can connect the app with the smartwatch, sync data and can look over activity data and exercise in the daily life, update all the data to your smartphone.


New Metal Strap Options:



Amazfit Stratos 2

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